Leia a frase, a seguir:


People are eating more meat and eggs and less rice and vegetables”. (SASLOW; ASCHER, 2006, p.68)


De acordo com os estudos das funções sintáticas, o substantivo destacado em negrito funciona como:


    A: “What about these oranges?”


   B: “Delicious! They´re…”


De acordo com o contexto apresentado, o adjetivo que melhor descreve as laranjas é:


Leia as perguntas, a seguir:


(I) Have you ever been to Turkey?

(II) How do you go to work?

(III) Turn off the lights. Close the door. 


Com base em seus estudos do capítulo “Fonética: a sonoridade da língua”, o padrão de entonação das frases anteriores é:

descendente – descendente – ascendente.
descendente – ascendente – ascendente.
ascendente – ascendente – descendente.
ascendente – descendente – ascendente.
ascendente – descendente – descendente.

Choose the correct response to the situation:


“Can I possibly get a shave and a haircut? I don’t have an appointment.”

I don't mind waiting.
Yes, about 15 percent of the total.
I'm sorry. We're fully booked.
Yes, you can charge it.
I think I'll pass.

Complete the sentences with the correct phrasal verb:


I- Before leaving the office, _______________all the lights.

II- It´s really hot today! ______________the air-conditioning, please.

III- Hurry up, darling! We have to ______________the kids at the club.

IV- Remember to _______________my package at the post office



The correct sequence is:

turn off – Turn on – pick up – drop off 
drop off – Pick up – turn off – turn on 
turn on – Turn off – drop off – pick up
turn off – Turn on – drop off – pick up
pick up – Drop off – turn on – turn off 

O texto, a seguir, trata da rede hoteleira de Cancun e de algumas das atrações turísticas do local. Leia-o e observe os termos destacados em negrito.


The Cancun Hotel Zone offers luxurious hotels that have a great variety of daytime activities such as snorkeling or lying on the beach to cheerful nights of fun with some of the best nightlife in the world. Downtown Cancun is the place to go for authentic Mexican food and to see the life and culture of 'real' Mexico. Plenty of tours, nightclubs, restaurants, water sports and ancient Mayan ruins in near proximity mean there is something for everyone.


Disponível em: <http://www.bestcancunhotel.com/>. Acesso em: 30 jun 2011.


Com base na leitura do texto e em seus estudos sobre as partes do discurso, os termos destacados classificam-se, respectivamente, como:

preposition, verb, adjective, adjective, determiner.
determiner, noun, adjective, noun phrase, preposition.
preposition, verb, adverb, noun phrase, preposition
determiner, verb, adjective, noun phrase, preposition.
determiner, noun, adjective, adjective, preposition.

The following statements contain additional uses of the Present Perfect Tense. Read them:


I) What about Jenny? I haven´t heard of her __________.

II) This was ______ I´ve failured my driving test.

III) Laura has worked in this company ________ she finished college.

IV) This was ________ Steven Spielberg´s film I´ve ever seen!

V) Brian has lived in Florida __________ five years.


The suitable words to complete them are:

lately, only, since, the best, already.
lately, only, still, the best, for.
lately, the second time, since, the best, for.
so far, the second time, for, the best, since.
so far, only, since, the best, for.

The answer for the question “Have you ever been to Beijing?” is:

Yes, we´ve. We´ve loved it!
Yes, we´ve been there last year.
Yes, we have gone there once.
Yes, we have. We loved it!
Yes, we have yet been there.

Complete the negative yes / no question.


A. ________ that dinner last night delicious?

B. It was fantastic!


Read the situation below and complete it with the suitable negative question.


         A: ______ you allergic to seafood?

         B: Me? No. You’re thinking of my brother.


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